¡Gracias mis muchachos!

Dealing with warm weather at noon,  when everything becomes silent and the breeze invites you to take a nap like every single live animal is doing, is not as hard for me as it is taking compliments. I tend to make them look smaller, or a smile (nervously) or I ended up making jokes.

The only compliments I can accept are the ones I can read, alone, by myself.

You said I was a good teacher. I cannnot consider myself like it: I´ve seen so many good language teachers, been evaluated, observed and critised so many times that any feedback I receive,  I´ll take it with a pinch of salt. Any: good or bad. Also, when I analysed what I´ve done in a class I ended up with a huge list of thing that I would have loved to be able to change: too late. In any case, I love teaching. I truly do. And I keep trying to do it the best possible way by getting to know my students and by traying (you´ll never be able to) be in their position.

Any case, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Hope you had been as happy as I was those days. Hope you found some peace as I did, found amazing and life-long friends as I, luckily, found. I received more than expected, more than I gave back, more than I can really understand right now. Hope you can remember and keep close to your heart all those good memories, because you will not remember the stress felt before the test (as I told you, an academic test will not and should define you as a person or determine how good you are or how the rest of your life will be, believe me…) but you will/must remember all the kindness offered from everyone you met such as your homestay family or the kitchen ladies. You will remember how good you felt after finishing walking “la trocha” jsut because this sense of achievement. You will remember all the partying, los batidos, the secrets, the hiking, the sunsets, the different tastes in your mouth, the views, the animals, the sense of vulnerability and joy, the mejengas (who won? who cares! we´re having so much fun!) and life in my short and incomplete experience is about all of that: from the good the best.

I truly, deeply, hope we can met again at some point in the future and hear “bueno” from David again. To receive an amazing lovely wedding invitation from Caren (or any of you!!), get Jota to make another extreme makeover again, the queque borracho that Julia will bake for me, enjoy the lovely company of Jeanice and Alix.


You worth it all!!!

Keep learning Spanish or any other language: it helps you to see the world from a whole new perspective: you become more human, more tolerant and sexier. And that for me it´s priceless.

¡Buena suerte, chicos!


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